Mar 05, 2016 Current Events

Another series of hostilities

The Hezbollah resistance movement has achieved victory after victory in Syria, and has forced the Saudis to adopt a different strategy. Sparing no effort to counter and undermine the strength of

Feb 24, 2016 Current Events

Ceasefire in Syria: Another Facade

The United States and its Zionist lackeys continue to play dirty political games and wreak havoc in Syria. Behind head-chopping mercenaries – al-Nusra, Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, Blackwater, al-Qaeda,

Feb 12, 2016 Current Events

The Revolution without Borders

The Islamic Revolution that occurred in 1979 in Iran can be seen as a point in contemporary history that rocked the foundations of global arrogance and imperialism. Every year, on the 22nd day of the

Feb 05, 2016 Current Events

The height of Shamelessness

There have been many proofs presented in the past on this website which leave the impartial reader no room to conclude that Saudi Arabia is not the largest financer of terrorism in the world. Despite

Jan 30, 2016 Current Events

When the Perpetrator becomes the Savior

It has been five long years of merciless bloodshed in Syria. 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives, most of them civilians. The master plan crafted by the United States of America and its Zionist

Jan 10, 2016 Current Events

The Beginning of the Inevitable

The atrocities of the Saudi regime has earned it much notoriety in the last hundred years. Since their rise to power in the early 1920’s, the ruling family has shown no hesitation in torturing and

Jan 05, 2016 Current Events

The Zionist plotted Massacre

In December 2015, Nigeria became the site of one of the most horrific massacres in recent history, a massacre that went largely unnoticed by the international community. It took place in the city of

Dec 21, 2015 Current Events

Is staying neutral an option?

The world we live in is divided into two groups: the oppressor and the oppressed. The world’s powers, who consider themselves champions of human rights, democracy and freedom, are playing a double

Jun 20, 2015 Current Events

A joke of an organization

It baffles me, the society we have been become accustomed to. Right is the new wrong, wrong is the new right. The actual truth is looked upon with disdain whereas the lie is something to brag about.

May 28, 2015 Current Events

Bitter reality of this nation

What is more painful than when you are expelled from your own home, and, if you dare to question the reason for this expulsion, you get executed for raising your voice in defense of your rights.

May 28, 2015 Current Events
Apr 25, 2015 Current Events

The history of negotiations

The historic negotiations that took place between 6 super-power countries and Iran was in no way a swift road. It did not take just the administrations of Barack Obama and Hasan Rouhani to come to an

Apr 20, 2015 Current Events

Let’s bulldoze some houses

We are living in a time of perennial, fast-paced change. The state of humanity and the world today is the result of an accumulation of historical changes and technological advances. Over the course