Entertainment on Innocent Blood

At the dawn of the 21st century, the Islamic Awakening saw a variety of different movements across Muslim world and some major allies of the United States were toppled in the region. The overthrow of dictators such as Hosni Mobarak in Egypt, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Ben Ali in Tunisia were among the developments; but the changes in other counties are often overlooked. These are countries where although there are movements towards revolution, the dictatorial regimes have not yet toppled. But the way things look, it won’t be long before we see more major changes, particularly in the West-Asia region.

The revolution of the brave people of Bahrain is of particular significance in the region. The movement started in 2011 with anti-establishment protests, demanding the change in the governmental and economic structure of the country. The monarchy in Bahrain has enjoyed decades of denying basic rights to the citizens. The “royal” family of this tiny country has oppressed those who stood in their way or raised questions about the distribution of the natural resources of the nation.

The steadfast people of Bahrain have endured one atrocity after another from the tyrants of the al-Khalifa family. The heinous crimes that this family have committed are known to those who gain their information from resources other than Zionerican media channels. In the last five years, the regime has violated multiple international laws. Meanwhile, the so-called “superpowers” have not dared to speak a word against their acts of open slaughter. The same regime is responsible for the killing of innocent people for the crime of holding peaceful demonstrations. It is the same administration that launched a brutal attack on hospitals; for the crime of treating the wounded victims of the Bahraini regime’s oppression, doctors and nurses were arrested and physically and sexually assaulted – a clear example of the authorities’ violation of international law. However, the ballerinas of democracy – particularly the United States – kept supporting its dictatorial ally. This is the reason it provided its 5th largest fleet with sophisticated weapons: to suppress a genuine revolution which is pro-democracy and anti-authoritarian.

The world has been silent about the unjust arrest of Sheikh Salman, a leading religious cleric because he committed the intolerable crime of demanding political rights granted by universal laws. It must be said that it is not only the Bahraini regime and Western powers who are responsible for these atrocities against the people of Bahrain. The countries which have unduly remained silent are equally responsible for this oppression. The Bahraini Grand Prix is due to take place and many countries are taking part in this event to make it a commercial success. The protests have been staged by the oppressed Bahraini people to get their voices heard in the international community. But the hypocrisy continues; no one has dared to even talk about boycotting this event.

Boycotting has been used in the past to exert pressure on different governments, but it is obvious that in the international arena, it’s only the United States that dictates the terms – puppet governments are expected to obey without question, and they do exactly that. When it comes to boycotting, the hypocrisy of the United States can be seen if we take a look at their track record. They boycotted the Olympics held in Russia in 1980 under the pretext of complaining against the then Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. If they truly did this for the sake of humanity, why have they been supporting a regime with blood-stained hands? At the end of the day, the politicians of the American empire make decisions based on their own interests and with intentions of harming and destroying nations that stand against their oppression. The countries taking part in the Bahraini Grand Prix, this mega event, ought to be ashamed because they are directly supporting and strengthening an oppressive, brutal, and autocratic regime. The unfortunate truth, however, is that the event will go on, entertaining wealthy foreigners at the expense of innocent Bahraini blood. The least that can be done by the commoners is to boycott the event and not become mere statistics boosting up the viewer ratings that these events so heavily depend upon.