Oct 27, 2017 Current Events

The Plight of Myanmar

The criminal silence of the international community over the atrocities that have been taking place for decades is something that the world has gotten used to of. The arrogant powers, such as the

Oct 12, 2017 History, Ideologies

Zionism I: Judaism VS Zionism

One big misconception that has floated around all over the world for a very long time is how there exists a feeling of animosity among Muslims against Jew. One of the catalysts to make sure this

Jul 15, 2016 Current Events

Bahrain: Signs of a Revolution

In yet another move to suppress the democratic revolution, the al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain targeted a peaceful, revered religious scholar for his calls for reform in the country. Ayatollah Shaykh

Jun 03, 2016 Current Events

Fabricated crisis in Iraq

Just as we thought things were improving in Iraq, the enemies of Islam and humanity opened another front in the troubled country. On May 11, a series of bomb blasts in various cities across the

May 11, 2016 Current Events

Another War in the Making

The atrocities of the Zionist entity on defenseless Palestinian men, women and children continue to increase in number and intensity. It is only a matter of time before the world witnesses another

Apr 24, 2016 Words of the Leader

America Created Takfirism

The United States of America will go down in history as the master of sedition and propaganda whose politicians, for their own interests, created the most barbaric and ruthless militants. The Leader

Apr 19, 2016 Current Events

Literally “dirty” politics

As we are approaching the end of the primary elections for the Presidency of the United States of America, it is necessary and important to definitively illustrate an accurate picture of what kind of

Apr 02, 2016 Current Events

Entertainment on Innocent Blood

At the dawn of the 21st century, the Islamic Awakening saw a variety of different movements across Muslim world and some major allies of the United States were toppled in the region. The overthrow of

Mar 12, 2016 Current Events

Price for Defending the Oppressed

The shamelessness of the Arab world has reached new heights in recent weeks. In following the footsteps of the countries in the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League blacklisted

Mar 05, 2016 Current Events

Another series of hostilities

The Hezbollah resistance movement has achieved victory after victory in Syria, and has forced the Saudis to adopt a different strategy. Sparing no effort to counter and undermine the strength of

Feb 29, 2016 Words of the Leader

Letter4u2: Another Dose of Truth

There is nothing wrong in emphasizing the importance and value of human life; the objection comes when one’s life is considered more valuable than the life of another. What is worse is when the

Feb 24, 2016 Current Events

Ceasefire in Syria: Another Facade

The United States and its Zionist lackeys continue to play dirty political games and wreak havoc in Syria. Behind head-chopping mercenaries – al-Nusra, Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, Blackwater, al-Qaeda,