When the Perpetrator becomes the Savior

It has been five long years of merciless bloodshed in Syria. 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives, most of them civilians. The master plan crafted by the United States of America and its Zionist stooges has been working well and according to plan – almost. Were it not for the unexpectedly lengthy and sustained resistance of the Syrian Army and the crucial role of Hezbollah fighters, which have delayed the full implementation of the Zionist-American project in West Asia, Syria would have fallen long ago. Since the beginning of their mischief in Syria, the Americans have tried various to put strategies in action in order to create and increase international pressure on a sovereign, legitimate, and popular Syrian government. There were accusations against the Syrian government, claiming it had used chemical weapons on its own people; it was later revealed that the rebels, in fact, had used chemical weapons provided to them by one of their strongest allies, Saudi Arabia (which purchases its weapons from the United States).

Most of the time, attempts to undermine the Assad government were made because of direct funding from the United States to the terrorists, as this had been – and still seems to be – the best way to destabilize and topple the Syrian government. Because nothing has so far worked, the Americans and their lackeys are now attempting a new strategy: diplomacy in the form of the Geneva talks.

These talks appear to be an attempt to resolve the Syrian crisis. The irony, however, is that these so-called talks have been initiated and mediated by the main culprits of the war: the United States, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Overwhelming evidence tells us that these countries are not at all serious about peace; actually, they have been the major financers of terrorist groups operating in Syria. It is not only President Assad who claims this; the former NATO General, Wesley Clark, in an interview with CNN, mentioned that “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies”. It is an undeniable fact.

The question we must ask ourselves is this: if the United States and its allies are financing the terrorists in Syria, why are they apparently seeking to resolve this grave issue?

The official participants of the so-called peace talks in Geneva have not been publicly revealed. The reason for keeping the participants anonymous is that the United Nations fears announcing them will derail the talks before they even start. What is certain is that the United States is a participant; John Kerry has already arrived in Geneva. Given that the Americans are neither serious nor willing to resolve the Syrian crisis, this is a point of concern. President Barack Obama’s remarks time and again have proved this. On one occasion, Obama indirectly revealed the extent of his administration’s role in Syria by saying he did not “foresee a situation in which we can end the civil war in Syria while Assad remains in power.”

Obama’s statement reveals two things. Apart from the obvious and oft-stated condition that an American supported peace in Syria depends on Bashar al-Assad stepping down as president, Obama said he did not see a scenario in which “we can end” the war in Syria.  That pronoun – “we” – indirectly reveals that the Americans are continuing the war. How can a country that is apparently not directly participating in the war directly end it? The fact is that the responsibility for the deaths of more than 250, 000 innocent civilians lies in the Americans’ hands; the Americans who are directly involved in the Geneva talks, posing as good-Samaritans trying to end a war. The truth is that there will not even be an attempt to find a solution.

What is also interesting and ironic to note is that the Saudi Arabian establishment will once again put forward their recommended list of “approved” opposition groups. The Saudis are the biggest financers of the bloodshed, and the most active recruiters of mercenaries – most of whom are Saudis themselves – ready to commit atrocities in Syria. How can they even have a right to voice an opinion when it comes to peace in that region?

Turkey also demanded for Kurds not to be involved in the peace process. It has been proven that Turkey has been buying cheap oil from ISIL; oil which belongs to the people of Iraq; oil which is strengthening the outfit organization. Yet, unfortunate fact is that Turkey, which is doing business with the same terrorists who are beheading civilians in Syria and Iraq, are participating in Geneva and voicing their opinions, which, of course, have no credibility.

From the facts that we have so far about the participants of peace talks, it is clear this meeting is a facade. If there are any peace talks, they will fail miserably. In fact, any attempts to find peace in Syria are bound to fail as long as the peace committee includes the criminals who are directly involved in the misery and slaughter of the Syrian people. The hype that has been created regarding this process is just that: hype. No real solution will come out of these talks. The fate of the Syria must be decided by Syrians, not by the external, foreign forces. As long as there is unending American, Saudi, and Turkish interference in Syria, we can only foresee more bloodshed.