Another series of hostilities

The Hezbollah resistance movement has achieved victory after victory in Syria, and has forced the Saudis to adopt a different strategy. Sparing no effort to counter and undermine the strength of Hezbollah, the Saudis have been humiliated and defeated time and again. The leader of Hezbollah, Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, has been vocal about the Saudis’ aggression in Yemen and has continuously condemned their hostilities in the region [1]. The Saudis, however, have proven with their actions that their loyalties lie with their Zionerican masters. In fact, “Saudi” Arabia’s positions with regards to the conflicts in the region are in complete harmony with those of the United States of America and its illegitimate child, Zionist entity. In Syrian conflict, for example, the Saudis have tried everything to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s government, from financing terrorist groups to creating international pressure [2]. The Americans also, in order to topple the legitimate Syrian government, have employed the exact same tactics. Indeed, the Americans have supported Syrian rebel groups with more than 120 million dollars in financial and military aid [3]. It was on the orders of the United States that the Saudis launched an aerial campaign to destroy Yemeni infrastructure and damage the country’s economy, killing more than 7000 innocent civilians [4] in the process. It is no surprise, therefore, that the Saudis are trying new techniques to take out the biggest obstacle to the hegemonic Zionerican project in the Middle East: Hezbollah. Aside from the fact that it is destroying a country and massacring its people, “Saudi” Arabia’s recent operation in Yemen can be seen as yet another attempt to sabotage and weaken the Axis of Resistance.

In Syria, Hezbollah has successfully pushed back Saudi-backed rebels. The resistance’s fighters have defended the Assad government in Syria and, in effect, standing against Saudi interests. The Saudis, unable to match, let alone defeat Hezbollah, decided to cancel their 4 billion dollar aid package to Lebanon [5]. The irony behind this action is that it doesn’t harm Hezbollah at all because the movement is separate and independent from the Lebanese government. It is often the case that Hezbollah and the Lebanese government are at odds with each other. If “Saudi” Arabia’s halting of aid to Lebanon was aimed at punishing Hezbollah, it failed miserably. The idea behind this dirty move, however, was not to financially cripple Hezbollah, but to create internal pressure against the movement. By halting aid, the Saudis wanted to create a situation whereby the Hezbollah would be blamed by the Lebanese government and people. In other words, “Saudi” Arabia halted a 4 billion dollar aid package to Lebanon in order to create discord and sedition in the country. The move was another example of the monarchy serving Zionerican interests, since it is the Americans and their Zionist stooges who want Hezbollah out of the picture. Fortunately, the plan seems to have backfired. In an interesting turn of events, following the Saudi cancellation of aid to Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Iran pledged that it would provide Lebanon financial assistance to mitigate the loss. However, despite the failure of another Saudi plan against Hezbollah, the former has not given up.

Days later, “Saudi” Arabia made another attempt to bring down Hezbollah’s infuriating popularity in the region. Six nations of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council – Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – have since blacklisted Hezbollah as a terrorist organization [6]. The move is revealing because it shows, once again, who is dictating terms when it comes to who Arab monarchies ought to befriend and who they ought to hate. The move shows that Arab monarchies have no qualms displaying their animosity towards the enemies of the United States and the Zionist entity: Arabs and Muslims. The United States and the Zionist entity have long listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization; it is only natural that the masters’ stance trickles down to the servants. Hezbollah has been unwavering in its aggressive animosity towards the oppressive Zionist regime and its support for the oppressed nation of Palestine. Hezbollah has time and again condemned the United States of America for its hostile and expansionist policies in the West Asia region (wrongly called the Middle East) and Muslim world. The Saudi “royal” family, on the other hand, has focused its foreign policy on building bridges with the Arab and Muslim world’s most despised enemy – which we refuse to refer to by the name it wishes to be known by – the filthy and barbaric Zionist entity illegally occupying Palestine [7]. Since 1926, when Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud conquered Najd to become King of all Arabia, “Saudi” Arabia has done nothing but act as a mouthpiece for American imperialism, which has divided and destroyed countries in the region.

Self-respecting countries that are not dependent on the Saudi Riyal will condemn the (P) GCC’s stance on Hezbollah. The nations which have sold their integrity in order to benefit from the Saudi “royal” family’s wealth will join them in their hostility against Hezbollah and the rest of the resistance bloc. As long as the descendants of Ibn Saud occupy the Hijaz, Arab and Muslim nations will be pulled towards a major division that will hurt the Muslim world. That is exactly what Zionericans want.