Another War in the Making

The atrocities of the Zionist entity on defenseless Palestinian men, women and children continue to increase in number and intensity. It is only a matter of time before the world witnesses another massacre. From the moment Zionist mercenaries stormed into al-Aqsa mosque and attacked worshippers while they were performing their morning prayers, the violence has increased. Regular and increasingly frequent acts of Zionist aggression on unarmed civilians have provoked fresh calls for a Third Intifada: the Intifada of Knives, so called because Palestinians are now responding to Zionist fire not with fire, stabbing occupying mercenaries in an attempt to resist and inflict loss on them in any way they can. The crucial point to be noted about this Intifada is that Palestinians, unlike the Zionists, attack out in the open, man to man, and with absolute certainty that they will not come out alive. They have completely accepted that martyrdom is inevitable because israelis, the cowards they are, always walk in groups like despite the fact that every one of them possesses firearms. When a Palestinian attacks a soldier with his knife, he is shot dead on the spot.

There are many points we can extract from this new wave of Palestinian resistance. The most important point, however, is that

Palestinians prefer to die fighting over living on their knees, facing constant humiliation and dehumanization at the hands of the dogs – no, worse than dogs – who have been occupying and plundering their land for over 70 years.

Palestine has no support. On one hand, while they continue to fight the Zionist entity tooth and nail, the rest of the Arab world are groveling at the feet of the countries which lead the Axis of Arrogance, such as the United States of America and its European lackeys. The relationship some Arab countries – such as “Saudi” Arabia – share with the Zionist entity shows how low Arabs have stooped by selling their dignity and whoring themselves for the sake of pleasing their masters. On the other hand, more and more Zionists are illegally settling in the West Bank, throwing the original, historical, Palestinian, inhabitants out of their houses in order to expand. Zionist forces continue killing women and children in the West Bank under the pretext of “defending” themselves against the Third Intifada. Women as young as 16 are being targeted. Furthermore, the Gaza Strip remains under siege. Airstrikes on Gaza, which have claimed the lives of women and children, continue. The ferocity and brutality of the Zionist regime is becoming more intense, and yet, the whole world turns a blind eye. Hamas has responded by saying that it is not looking to start a war, but will not back either. Hamas has always fought with pride and embraced martyrdom while defending the Palestinian homeland.

The Zionist entity, the illegitimate child of American imperialism, is currently plotting a war which will likely escalate soon. And rapidly. There are several reasons for it. The Zionists know that their mercenaries, ISIL, have kept the international attention on Syria and Iraq, and that the resistance forces are engaged in a full-scale war with them.

Therefore, in the event of another war, Palestinians would have relatively little support compared to the last 10 years. The Zionists have taken every opportunity to continue its acts of murder and brutality against Palestinian civilians. They are under the impression that the proxy war they are fighting against the Syrian government and people through Takfiri terrorists will provide them with a good opportunity to commit another massacre, much like in 2014 and 2008. The Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Sayyid Ali Khamenei, has promised that this tactic will not work; Palestine remains the core issue of the Muslim world and the Islamic Republic will continue to support anyone or any organization that seeks to undermine and hurt the Zionist entity in any way. Nonetheless, another full-scale war in Palestine is on the cards, and the result will not be any different than the previous battles. The will of the courageous Palestinians will prevail. The losses the Zionists will taste, however, will be much larger than before because of the added factor of the West Bank’s resistance.