Is staying neutral an option?

The world we live in is divided into two groups: the oppressor and the oppressed. The world’s powers, who consider themselves champions of human rights, democracy and freedom, are playing a double game. These so-called “super powers”, who seize power by trampling on the rights of others, do as they please in order to preserve their interests. In its pursuit of global dominance, the United States of America – which in reality should be named the United States of Zionism – has left so much death and destruction in its trail that one cannot sit idly by without speaking out against its crimes. The United States and its allies – an axis the Leader of the Islamic Ummah has termed “global arrogance” – have stacked themselves against the oppressed nations of the world in order to maintain the status quo.

We will not delve too deeply into history; any conscientious human being can distinguish the oppressor from the oppressed. Instead, we will focus briefly on the current butchery in Yemen. In the name of combating terrorism, Saudi Arabia destroying Yemen. In the name of fighting against Houthis, a tribe that makes up less than one percent of the Yemeni population, Saudi Arabia is slaughtering men, women and children. It is bombing hospitals and schools, as well as razing Yemen’s general infrastructure to the ground. The irony of this brutal campaign is that it receives the silent and secret financial and material support of the White House, where the leader of the free world sits and condemns Iran for violating human rights.

In truth, there is no distinction at all between ISIS and the United States and its allies. Just as ISIS has been destroying historic sites in Iraq, Emirati F-16s and Saudi F-15s are indiscriminately dropping bombs on Yemeni targets based on American intelligence.

Other, smaller Muslim countries are also complicit in the killing. Morocco, Sudan, and Senegal, who have no business whatsoever in Yemen, have joined hands with the Saudis. Their alliance with the Saudi royal family has put them on the side of oppression. Nations such as Morocco, Sudan, and Senegal, whose contributions to the military campaign in Yemen are as insignificant as their importance in the international arena, are picking sides. The time has come for countries that have maintained a policy of neutrality in conflict situations to rise up and make their voices heard. The time has come for these countries to start actively resisting American violations of their sovereignty. The time has come for these countries to start initiating efforts to send help to the people of Yemen, and to push for an end to the war and suffering caused by the Saudi-American alliance. The time has come to support the oppressed and educate the masses about the injustices being openly committed. The genocide must end.