The Zionist plotted Massacre

In December 2015, Nigeria became the site of one of the most horrific massacres in recent history, a massacre that went largely unnoticed by the international community. It took place in the city of Zaria, when the Nigerian army began firing live bullets at its unarmed inhabitants, who were participating in a peaceful demonstration. The carnage left more than 1000 people dead and many injured, including Nigerian women and children. It is hard to determine whether the massacre itself was more atrocious, or the glaring silence of the mainstream media. The main target of this brutal, three day long, army operation, was the nonviolent Islamic Movement of Nigeria. The operation resulted in the destruction of houses, a mosque, and arrest of the movement’s hugely popular and charismatic leader, Shaykh Ibrahim Zakzaky. The Nigerian Army stormed his house, shot him four times, and dragged him out of the house. His wife was also wounded and arrested. Both the leader and his wife were unarmed.

One can’t help but suspect the motives behind the shooting. The official statement by the army and government of Nigeria was that there was an Islamic Movement plot to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, and that the movement, while leading the demonstration, was blocking high-traffic roads, refusing to unblock it when the army demanded it do so. Even if both reasons are true, it does not justify the killing of 1000 innocent people. If there was an attempt to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff, why were the culprits not identified and arrested? Why was Shaykh Zakaky not taken in for questioning instead of being shot at in his house, while unarmed? If the demonstrators were blocking roads, the solution was not the indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children. None of the official reasons stated by the government and its army hold, and we are forced to examine history in order to determine the actual reasons, and identify the true culprits and beneficiaries behind the massacre.

Islamic Movement of Nigeria has developed its reputation as a socially active organization aiming to serve Nigerians at different levels of society. Along with serving local communities and tribes, they have been vocal about their political stances in the international arena. They believe the issue of Palestine is the most serious problem facing the Muslim world and that it must be addressed. The movement has regularly criticized the atrocities of the Zionist regime in Palestine, and has fearlessly publicized the expansionist, imperialist activities of the United States around the world. The movement’s stances on foreign issues do not undermine the sovereignty of Nigeria, but call into question the national government’s loyalties and whether it actually serves the interests of foreign countries above the interests of the nation and its people. Upon investigation, we see that the government became overtly hostile towards, and arrested several Islamic Movement’s members when it began publicly supporting the Palestinian cause and speaking against the Zionist entity. Shaykh Zakzaky himself was arrested and imprisoned several times, his most recent imprisonment before the massacre lasting from 1996 to 1998, when the court was obliged to release him on the grounds that no proof could be found for his committing a crime. The Shaykh’s legally proved innocence, in effect, humiliated the state.

Despite the arrests and constant harassment, the Shaykh and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria continued to raise awareness and defend the Palestinian cause and stand against global imperialism and oppression. They continued holding pro-Palestine rallies.

One might ask what the Islamic Movement of Nigeria has to do with the Zionist entity. Why would the watchdog of America in the Middle East want to suppress a movement in West Africa? A few facts must be shared in order to understand that this massacre was perpetrated on the direct orders of the Zionist entity and American establishment. First, America is the largest importer of Nigerian products, and Nigeria is the second largest importer of American products. Therefore, the United States must maintain a positive image in Nigeria, and Nigeria must maintain its positive relationship with the United States. Anti-American sentiment would cause Nigerians to start questioning their government’s policies. Second, when Senator Joe Lieberman visited Nigeria in 2009, he delivered a speech, officially expanding diplomatic, political, and economic ties between the two establishments. Lieberman stated that the Nigerian government must eliminate “Iranian” influence from the country, indirectly referring to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. Since Lieberman’s visit, the Nigerian government’s hostility towards the IMN increased, and there were periodic army operations in the form of raids, killings and bombings. Most attacks were carried out during peaceful demonstrations against Zionism. One can only conclude that the Nigerian government’s animosity towards the Islamic Movement of Nigeria is a direct result of American and Zionist pressure. Boko Haram, an armed terrorist organization that has created instability in the country through the indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children, has not felt a fraction of government and army barbarity the way the Islamic Movement, a non-militant, nonviolent organization, has. The Zaria massacre was not only perpetrated by the West and Nigerian government; blame must be apportioned equally to the Zionist funded media, which either remained silent on the massacre, or deliberately spread misinformation in order to cause public indifference.