America Created Takfirism

The United States of America will go down in history as the master of sedition and propaganda whose politicians, for their own interests, created the most barbaric and ruthless militants. The Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei’s second letter to the youth of the West highlighted this role played by the United States in spreading terrorism all over the world. For centuries, the American establishment has achieved notoriety for hiring mercenaries to carry out its dirty tasks in different countries. Why? Because when the United States of America feels that its military spending or might is not up to challenging a nation whose leader or people refuse to bow down to its hegemonic interests, it employs such strategies as hiring and paying terrorists to attack that nation. It creates instability in the target country and eventually bleed it out. History’s bloodstained pages are filled with American mischief. We will highlight a few examples of such crimes that the country’s own officials and politicians have confessed of committing.

In his letter, the Leader stated:

“Today, there are very few people who remain uninformed about the role of the United States of America in creating or at least reinforcing and arming al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and their ominous successors.”

We don’t have to go far back in history to realize the accuracy of the Leader’s words. Towards the end of the Cold War, in the United States’ tug of war with the Soviet Union, both nations committed atrocities in several countries in order to successfully implement in those countries their eco-political and satanic ideologies, American capitalism or Soviet communism respectively.

The Soviet Union’s pre-emptive invasion Afghanistan, which was an attempt to extend its sphere of influence as part of its Cold War against the United States, proved to be the regime’s downfall because it provided its enemy with an opportunity to do what it has always done best: to form a militant group that would occupy and stall the Soviet Union’s campaign in Afghanistan until it would bleed out and lose all taste for battle. Since the Carter administration – and after 1980, the Reagan administration – couldn’t directly get involved in the war, the United States used Pakistan’s intelligence to train the so-called Mujahideen of Afghanistan. The propagation and fund collections of this jihad was done all over the world. The United States provided weapons, monetary aid and training to these militants who weakened and eventually forced the Soviets to retreat. The Mujahideen later came to be known as the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The rest is history.

Senator Hillary Clinton, in her famous interview, confessed that the United States created al-Qaeda. It didn’t end there; today, the world is facing another group of American-funded mercenaries called ISIS. The current Middle Eastern war that is being waged in Syria and other countries was also instigated by the United States, a fact that has been publicly confessed by General Wesley Clark. The pretext of United States airstrikes in Syria and Iraq is that the Obama administration wants to strike the hideouts of ISIS. However, this is far from true, and the evidence is American anger following heavy ISIS losses because of Russian airstrikes in Syria. The United States openly funds the rebels in Syria with the intention of toppling a sovereign, legitimate government led by Bashar al-Assad. Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain has himself gone on record to say that he has personal relations with those militants on the ground. The atrocities that these militants have inflicted on innocent Syrian civilians is beyond description; they have even used chemical weapons. The regimes which have supported the rebels in Syria and Iraq – Saudi Arabia and Qatar, for example, which are also American allies – are notorious for “secretly” promoting and funding terrorism. It is ironic that the United States is allies with the same country, which according to the 9/11 Commission, most of the attackers were citizens of. The Saudis have also openly supported and funded the extremist rebels in Syria. The (not so) surprising part is the fact that the Saudi monarchy does not even hold any elections in the country; in other words, Saudi Arabia is not a democracy.

Despite this fact, the United States co-operates with this country and considers it an ally in its so-called “pro-democratic” movement and “War on Terror”.

If the United States is so concerned about giving people, all over the world, their basic rights of freedom, why is it that they have suppressed the peaceful and pro-democratic reforms in Bahrain and Yemen? Is it not because it supports and keeps in power corrupt tyrants in different nations who do its bidding without question? The deaths of more than a million people in Syria since the start of the war in 2011 is because of hypocritical strategies employed by the Americans and the unquestioning support of its Arab puppets. The Leader of the Muslim Ummah has clearly defined this duplicity of the United States:

“Aside from this direct support, the clear and well-known endorsers of Takfiri terrorism—in spite of having the most regressive political systems—have joined the ranks of Western allies; at the same time, the most advanced and enlightened voices stemming from vibrant democracies in the region are mercilessly suppressed. This double-standard of the Western response to the Awakening Movement in the Islamic world is a clear example of inconsistency in Western politics.”

It is about time that people start seeing the true face of the United States and its Zionist stooge, which are destroying this world. The biggest oppression is that these countries (the United States, israel, and the Arab monarchies) portray oppressors as oppressed and defend it, whilst the truly oppressed are portrayed as extremists and terrorist. This is why the American government has placed Hezbollah on its terrorist list: because Hezbollah is defending the oppressed people of Syria and since it has become the biggest obstacle for the United States, which desires to create a “new” Middle East. The youth in the West must see these double standards by their governments and ought to speak out. At the end of the day, all this support for terrorists and terrorist organizations in order to safeguard the selfish interests of politicians is coming from taxes paid by the citizens and it is only the youth who can raise their voices against their governments in order to bring about reform in this world.