A joke of an organization

It baffles me, the society we have been become accustomed to. Right is the new wrong, wrong is the new right. The actual truth is looked upon with disdain whereas the lie is something to brag about. The oppressor is respected and seen as a worthy player, whilst resistance groups standing for their basic rights are put down and suppressed. The United Nations’ stance regarding the recent Saudi-Yemen conflict is appalling. For an organization whose major role is to minimize the breaking out of geo-political conflicts, the UN has failed miserably on countless occasions. Being unable to minimize a conflict is forgivable; but to support the oppressor over and over again is incomprehensible!

The Saudi led coalition is in its 6th week of nonstop aerial bombardment of civilians in Yemen, and yet not a single statement from the UN condemning the Saudis and their allies has been made. What is more laughable is the UN’s adoption of Resolution 2216, which imposes sanctions on individuals belonging to the Ansarullah movement in Yemen. How does one have the audacity to impose sanctions on the resisting movement and then demand it come to the table and negotiate with the aggressor while the latter continues to kill innocent people and bomb infrastructure? How can the UN be taken seriously with such illogical and unjust demands?

Human Rights Watch has recently reported that Saudi Arabia has been using cluster munitions provided by the United States of America in its deadly air strikes? Cluster bombs are banned under international law. Reports are emerging that Saudi Arabia has also been dropping off weapons and ammunition for Al Qaeda terrorists to exacerbate the chaos in Yemen. All this under the “watchful” eye of the United Nations, which – on its best day – issues statements expressing its “concern” about the dire humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The fact that the UN does not have the courage to condemn the Saudi government for its heinous acts proves the uselessness of such an organization. Be it George Bush ordering the invasion and pillage of Iraq, or Netanyahu killing thousands of civilians in Palestine without blinking, the United Nations has never been able to publicly identify the aggressor in a conflict. Such events have left me wondering if we even need such an organization to exist.