Al-Quds Is Our Primary Cause |

Yemeni Nasheed | Arabic Sub English

It has been around 7 long years that the Yemeni people are fighting for their God-given right to self-determination and freedom from the shackles of neo-imperialist powers greedy for the geographic and natural resources of the world, namely the wide and expansive Muslim lands.

And so, we will defend the Muslim lands under the attack of the neo-imperialists, the Zionists, and their pitiful Arab co-conspirators.

Whether it’s in Palestine or Yemen, Afghanistan or Iraq, Syria or Iran, Somalia or Egypt, Turkey or Azerbaijan, Myanmar or Chad, Mali or Libya, and many other Muslim lands, the hands of greedy and tyrannical oppressors can be seen clearly.

The Yemeni Resistance teaches us one great lesson; together we stand, united we remain.

Take a listen to this Yemeni Nasheed proclaiming that al-Quds is our primary cause.

Friends and foes will both thoroughly enjoy.

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