Al-Quds Has A Message For The Muslims |

Yemeni Nasheed | Arabic Sub English

Why are the world powers in opposition to the Ansarullah Movement in Yemen and against the Yemeni people in general?

And what has negotiations with the usurpers of Palestine resulted in, especially for the people of Palestine?

And in the end, what will happen to the plots of the Arrogant Powers, both against the Yemeni people and Palestine?

“This is my Ummah’s great cause!”

“So that we may restore
the holiness of Isra’ (al-Aqsa)!”

“Al-Quds will one day rise up!”

“It has many messages
for the Muslims.”

This and more in this Nasheed with an excerpt from a speech of Sayyid Abdul Malik al-Houthi, all in ode to the liberation of Palestine.

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