What Should The Position of Azadari Be In One’s Life? |

Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi | Farsi Sub English

What is the fundamental explanation of mourning?

And where do the actions of human being originate from?

What role do feelings and emotions play when it comes to people’s lives?

And what is a natural division of feelings and emotions?

What should people do when a person is afflicted with a calamity?

And who all is effected, when one is afflicted with a calamity?

Finally, can a whole society be afflicted with the sorrow of a calamity or the positive effects of giving condolences and providing sympathy?

The late Ayatollah Misbah-Yazdi (R) provides us with a profound crash-course on the basics of Azadari, the mourning over Imam Husayn (A), his family members, and his companions who were martyred on the 10th of Muharram, in the year 61 A.H.

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