The Ultimate Solution To Our Problems |

Shaheed Arif al-Husayni | Urdu Sub English

Has humanity been able to solve its problems in the present-day?

And despite the technological advancements of this era, have the fundamental problems of humanity decreased or increased?

And are the problems and crises of the modern era rooted merely in ‘ignorance’?

Are the problems that the modern world is facing similar to those of the ‘Age of Ignorance’; and if so, in what manner are they similar?

What was the solution for the problems of the ‘Age of Ignorance’?

Does the Western world or the Eastern world have the solutions to our problems?

What are just a few of the Fitnahs that the Muslims are suffering from in the present-day? What do the oppressors do to other nations in the name of democracy? What do the materialists do to our women in the name of fashion?

Finally, what are some statements by the Messenger of Allah (S) that can help us to navigate through the modern day Fitnahs and seditions that the Muslims and humanity on the whole is facing?

Shaheed Arif al-Husayni answers in his simple, yet magnetic manner, as he speaks about “The Ultimate Solution To Our Problems” and how we must all seek refuge from Fitnah with the Holy Qur’an.

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