Where The Decline of Muslims Began |

Shaheed Arif al-Husayni | Urdu Sub English

According to Shaheed Arif al-Husayni, what are two incredibly fundamental and pivotal aspects of Islam?

And what reason does Shaheed Arif al-Husayni give for the decline of the Muslims?

Are Jihad and martyrdom a part of the holy Qur’an or not?

How will Muslims be able to regain their honor and their dignity?

What are some overall reasons that Muslims have cast aside the concept of Jihad and martyrdom?

And over the last few decades, whose blood is being shed the most on the global level?

What was the condition of Palestine when Shaheed Arif al-Husayni was alive; interestingly a status quo that is still present today?

And finally, what is it going to take to free the land of Palestine?

Shaheed Arif al-Husayni answers in his simple, yet magnetic charisma, as he speaks about “Where The Decline of Muslims Began”.

We Are The Nation of Martyrdom.

We Are The Nation of Imam Husayn.

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