The CHADOR Of Sayyida Zahra (A) |

Ayatullah Misbah-Yazdi | Farsi Sub English

In the opinion of the late Ayatullah Misbah-Yazdi, what is the value of the Chador of her eminence, Sayyida Fatima Zahra (A)?

And how often do we really think about these esteemed and great personalities, like lady Fatima Zahra (A, in our daily lives?

In addition, what can we do in order to see a positive change in our lives?

Finally, what is an important thing that we should request from her eminence, Sayyid Fatima Zahra (A)?

The late Ayatullah Misbah-Yazdi answers in this emotional, yet spiritual clip.

Our condolences to the believers upon the martyrdom anniversary of lady Fatima Zahra (A), the esteemed daughter of the Messenger of Allah (S).

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