Safety Is Only Under The Flag of Islam |

Shaheed Arif al-Husayni | Urdu Sub English

In the analysis of Shaheed Arif al-Husayni, why were the Americans in the Persian Gulf?

What was the reason that Ayatollah Ardabili put forth when he said that the Islamic Republic of Iran won’t conduct air strikes?

Furthermore, what did Ayatollah Ardabili say would happen if American or Soviet aircrafts were to attack the Islamic Republic?

So if the Americans weren’t in the Persian Gulf to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran, why were they there?

What is an interesting story about Shaheed Fazl-Allah Noori and what people told him to do in order to save his life?

And how did Shaheed Fazl-Allah Noori respond to the suggestion put forth by the people to save his life?

What should the Arab countries do if they want to have safety and security?

And finally, what is the only place in which one can find true safety and security?

Shaheed Arif al-Husayni answers in his brave, yet simple charisma, as he speaks about how “Safety Is Only Under The Flag of Islam”.

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