America’s Hybrid War Against Islamic Iran |

Short Documentary in English | English

What is a hybrid war?

What is the opinion of war and military experts on the current events in Iran?

Furthermore, what pretext did the enemy use to launch a massive attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran?

And what aspects of human life have come under attack in this war?

Was the reaction of the people to the death of a girl, a natural and normal one?

In addition, how did the enemy exploit the youth to attain its own notorious goals?

And what is the ‘Killing Project’?

Moreover, how did these events affect the Islamic Republic’s international front?

And most important of all, who is the mastermind behind this chaos and destruction, and what is their main goal?

Will the enemy succeed in its malicious plans or will the courageous Iranian nation subdue the situation and overcome the enemy?

A must watch short documentary that answers these questions and more regarding, “America’s Hybrid War Against Islamic Iran”.

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