The Second Revolution |

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(Part 1 of 3)
Title: The Actual Start of America’s Enmity with Iran

When did America’s enmity with Iran start?

Was the Islamic Revolution in Iran the start of the enmity of America against Iran?

Has the American and British government ever conducted a coup d’état in Iran?

And furthermore, has the American government ever admitted to conducting a coup d’état in Iran?

What was the Shah of Iran turning the nation and the people of Iran into?

What is one of the most repeated themes of the speeches of Imam Khomeini (R)?

What are some of the massacres that occurred during the Pahlavi era?

And what did some university students who were on the path of Imam Khomeini (R) do vis-à-vis, the American embassy in Tehran in the year 1979?

What is known as ‘The Second Revolution’?

And what are some words that Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei has to say regarding this subject?

This short 3-part documentary helps to clarify and explain some of the ins and outs, when in 1979, Iranian students loyal to Imam Khomeini (R) embarked upon “The Second Revolution and explains, contrary to popular belief, “The Actual Start of America’s Enmity with Iran”.

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