Atrocities by the Zionist Regime

Before we cover the highlights of the recent atrocities by the Zionist entity, it is important to point out how ignorant the mainstream media has been regarding the major events that take place in Occupied Palestinian region. Key players in journalism world such as: CNN, BBC etc. fail to fulfill their responsibilities of covering the truth. Zionist entity yet again showed their true faces on how low they can stoop to defy all the ethics of human values. In a hate crime committed near West Bank, the Zionist settler lit a mosque on fire and sprayed anti-Arab slogans in Hebrew language. The complaint was filed by the local villagers but unfortunately no action has been taken.

In another tragic incident a 20 year old Palestinian young man, named Jihad Al-Jaafari, was brutally shot and killed by Zionist forces. They had entered West Bank and the group of protestors threw rocks at them, to which the forces responded with live bullets. It is obvious that Palestinian life in front of world powers is less than animals because if the situation had been vice versa, it would have been a chaos in Palestine. Just like the Zionist entity invaded and massacred people in Gaza last year when three settlers were found dead in West Bank. Along with taking an innocent life, 14 Palestinians were abducted from their houses in an overnight raids under the crime of “riots” and “potential terrorists”. It is quite ironic the invaders make the laws of land and they have a free hand to decide who the terrorist is, thus it’s not surprising that the number of settlers has reached 7000.

The Zionist entity uses all the fronts to damage the innocent civilians in Palestinian region. In another attempt to cause the set-back, the Zionist authorities strategically and maliciously flooded many homes in Gaza by channelizing the heavy rain water towards Gaza. Not only there hasn’t been any condemnation regarding this act, there is no acknowledgement by the western media. The people had to evacuate in a rush and yet once again they were FORCED to leave their houses. In an attack of similar nature, the Israeli forces also cut off the electricity supply in some areas of the occupied territory in the middle of cold winter as many suffer from unbearable cold.

The recent development in U.S.-Israel relations is definitely worth taking a look at because Netanyahu’s desperation to do anything and everything to prevent Iran from progressing in science and technology, is becoming evident in front of the world. He made a sadistic statement that he will do anything to prevent the so-called world powers and Iran to come to a mutual agreement. This statement in itself proves that he does not want to maintain peace in the world and promotes hatred and disturbance in the region. The “leaks” that were confirmed by major news agency prove that Netanyahu wants to main conflict in Middle East region since the claim he made regarding Iran’s nuclear program were differing from the reports by Moossad as the latter confirmed that at this stage Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons. His upcoming visit to U.S. has sparked many controversies as he is doing that without the proper permission or invitation from President Obama. Majority of the Americans have expressed their displeasure with this move and according to the poll conducted by CNN 63% of Americans are not in favor of this move. It is a good sign because the awareness movement is definitely working and more Americans are getting knowledgeable regarding the true face of Zionist entity. Unless people will become aware and raise questions regarding the atrocities that this entity commits, innocent people will keep losing their homes as we can according to brand new repots, there will be 40% rise in Israeli settlements in West Bank. It is much easier to say this than to digest this horrible fact in our system that these are people who witness their houses getting bulldozed in front of their own eyes without their consent and without their will and to top that our government just made a deal of selling 14 F-35 to the settlers so that they can commit more crimes against the innocent civilians.