The World’s Love Will Blind Your Heart |

Ustad Ahmed Panahian | Farsi Sub English

Who will avenge the blood of Imam Husayn(A)?

And from whom will he take revenge?

What is the main problem of the movement of Fitnah and discord?

And what has the movement of Fitnah and discord tried to attack in every possible way?

Additionally, what does the enemy want to distract us from?

And what is the enemy’s open confession?

Furthermore, what do the people of Iran do in times of dispute and when there are differences of opinion?

And how are they different from the people in time of the Holy Prophet (S) and Imam Ali (A)?

Besides, what is the secret behind the people standing in support of the truth for 42 years?

And finally, what makes the heart die and the eyes of the heart go blind?

Agha Ahmed Panahian sheds light on the hatred that the movement of Fitnah, discord, and hypocrisy have for the Wilayah and speaks about the benefits of following the Wali al-Faqih.

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