The West’s Democracy Is Blatant Hypocrisy |

Agha Rahimpour Azghadi | Farsi Sub English

Is there any government in any corner of the world which allows the opponents of its constitution to come to power?

How many countries let the people decide the principles of its system?

What happens to those who do not abide by the rules of a country?

And are those same rules constitutionalized by the vote of the people?

Besides, does Britain have a written constitution?

And are the Northern and West European countries which make bold claims about democracy and freedom and human rights, actually republics?

Are the officials of these phoney governments elected by the people?

Furthermore, what is the situation of freedom in the so-called liberal country of France?

Given that liberalism declares freedom of clothing, why are thousands of Muslim French girls with Hijab expelled from schools, universities and practically, everywhere else?

Why has the liberal French government, which claims to believe in freedom of clothing, banned the Hijab – when the Hijab is also a piece of clothing?

Additionally, has America – which makes grand declarations of freedom and liberty, and is called the land of the free – ever put its constitution to the vote of the people?

Which is the one and only country in the world that has let the people vote for the principle of the system and put its constitution to the vote of the people?

And finally, can such a system, and such a republic that has been completely chosen by its people, be uprooted by these fake, dishonest, hypocritical, and oppressive Western regimes?

Ustad Rahimpour Azghadi pulls no punches as he presents facts and proves that ‘The West’s Democracy Is Blatant Hypocrisy.’

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