The Holy Prophet & Politics |

Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (R) | Farsi Sub English

What was considered a virtue for Islamic scholars in the past?

Who created and promoted this notion and what was the hidden agenda behind it?

And what would happen with the one who was labelled ‘political’ in those times?

Besides, does Islam promote being apolitical or is politics a part of Islam?

What do the lives of the Holy Prophet – peace be upon him – and Imam Ali (A) say about this?

Additionally , did the Prophet (S) just sit in a corner of a mosque and talk about Islam or did he get involved in politics and form a government?

And did Imam Ali (A) also just stick to his prayer mat or did he run an Islamic government?

Furthermore, what were one of the last words of the holy Prophet (S) in this regard?

And finally, as followers of Imam Ali (A) and Imam Husayn (A) –who stepped into the arena and drew the sword when required – what should we do in today’s times?

The father of the Islamic Revolution – Imam Ruhollah Khomeini – talks about the false dichotomy created between Islam and politics and proves it wrong by using examples from the lives of the Holy Prophet (S) and Imam Ali (A).

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