The Etiquettes of Muharram |

Ustad Masood Aali | Farsi Sub English

Salutations upon Husayn, Ali ibn Husayn, the children of Husayn, and the companions of Husayn.

There are countless blessings that are given to the believers by Allah during the holy months of Muharram and Safar.

And it is in these months that the believers have an opportunity to level up in their spirituality.

What is the significance of wearing black, hanging up black flags, and the like done for the sake of the mourning of Imam Husayn (A)?

And are these external and outward etiquettes of mourning Imam Husayn (A) the only etiquettes to be observed in these sacred months?

Finally, what are the things that need to be done in these months in order to be able to better benefit from them?

Ustad Masood Aali from the Islamic Republic of Iran answers these questions and many more in this beautiful clip.

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