Taqwa of Allah and Not of Others |

Leader of the Muslim Ummah | Farsi Sub English

One of the pillars of Islam is to have Taqwa. Taqwa can be said to be piety or God consciousness. A person’s awareness of Allah which in turn helps one to obey Allah and prevents one from the disobedience of Allah.

But is this the only kind of Taqwa which the holy Qur’an speaks about?

Are there other aspects to Taqwa which we must all take into consideration?

Can one have the Taqwa of powers other than Allah?

The Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei very beautifully answers all of these questions for us in this short clip.

Fear the disobedience of Allah and never fear disobeying the enemies of Allah.

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