Sins Pertaining to Inaction |

Leader of the Muslim Ummah | Farsi Sub English

For what things should we ask for forgiveness from Allah?

Is only the doing of certain actions a sin or is the abandonment of certain actions also a sin?

And will we be questioned about abandoning certain actions, such as remaining silent?

Besides, what does Imam Sajjad (A) say about this in the supplication of Makarem al-Akhlaq?

Furthermore, what does the story of Prophet Yunus (A) teach us about abandoning our responsibilities?

And what good tidings does the holy Qur’an give us in the story of Prophet Yunus (A)?

And finally, can salvation be achieved only by asking for forgiveness?

Imam Khamenei talks about the types of sins for which we need to ask for forgiveness and explains by giving the example of Prophet Yunus (A).

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