Read The Munajat Shabaniyah |

Imam Khomenei (R) | Farsi Sub English

Who was the original reciter of the Munajat Shabaniyah?

What spiritual effects can be attained if one recited the Munajat Shabaniyah with thought and reflection?

Which one of the immaculate and infallible Imams (A) recited the luminous Munajat Shabaniyah?

And despite being free from all blemishes, why did the Imams (A) supplicate in the way that they did?

Finally, what is a piece of advice that his eminence, Imam Khomeini (R) gives to the propagators of Islam?

The founding father of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (R) speaks about how we must all contemplate upon, reflect upon, and “Read The Munajat Shabaniyah”.

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