O’ Abal Fazl |

Majeed Bani Fatemeh | Noha | Farsi Sub English

Salutations upon Husayn, Ali ibn Husayn, the children of Husayn, and the companions of Husayn.

The months of Muharram and Safar relive the moments of the tragic events of Karbala.

But despite the evil plots of wicked people, it was in the end, Imam Husayn’s revolution that was victorious.

This is a beautiful Noha recited by Majeed Bani Fatemeh from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The tragedy of Imam Husayn, his honorable family, and his steadfast companions will never be forgotten, and it remains written upon the heavens.

Listen closely and perhaps you too will hear someone sighing, as they say Abal Fazl.

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