How I Miss Your Courtyards |

Nasheed | Farsi Sub English

My eyes on the courtyard of the ‘Lady of the Quran’;

astonished and stunned by the ‘King of Khorasan’.

It is there that I found generous hands;

gracious enough to fill the hands of the empty-handed.

Peace be upon you, O’ Ali ibn Musa al-Redha (A)!

Peace be upon you, O’ Fatima, daughter of Musa (A)!

Salutations be upon the believers all across the world upon the auspicious birth anniversaries of lady Fatima Masuma (A) and Imam al-Redha (A) on this occasion known as Daheye Karamat (the 10 days from the birth of Lady Fatima Masuma (A) up to the birth of Imam Redha (A)).

A beautiful Nasheed by pure ones describing “How I Miss Your Courtyards”.

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