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Some propose that if they defend the Islamic System, they will be targeted by the enemies of Islam. Hence, they do Taqiyyah and do not defend the Islamic System.

They either stay indifferent or silent on the topic. At times they defend it secretly in their hearts, but stay silent in public – all under the pretext of Taqiyyah.

Despite the fact that they realize and acknowledge that the System of Wilayatul Faqih is a divine Islamic System in our times. And today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is the manifestation of the Islamic System.

What does the Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei say on the topic of doing Taqiyyah when defending the Islamic System?

By the way, he talks about those who live in Iran and those who live outside of Iran.

The most rational, logical, intellectual, ethical, and faithful thing to do in today’s age is, for all Muslims, to defend the Islamic System of Wilayatul Faqih manifested in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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