Defending The Hijab During The Taghuti Rule |

Imam Khamenei| Farsi Sub English

When was the idea to ban the Hijab first injected into Reza Shah – the former ruler of the oppressive Pahlavi regime?

And how was he desensitized to the notion of not wearing a Hijab?

Furthermore, what disastrous incident took place on the 17th of Dey 1314 (7th of January 1936)?

Who was Ali Asghar Hekmat and what role did he play in the removal of the Hijab?

And who were the real masterminds behind the Pahlavi puppet Reza Shah?

More importantly, what was the aim behind banning the Hijab?

And finally, did the courageous Muslim women submit to this or did they resist?

Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei speaks about how the banning of the Hijab came about and the problems faced by the courageous women who were “Defending The Hijab During The Taghuti Rule.”

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