Iran Protests: A Pipe Dream!

On December 29, 2017 (which is synonymous with the 8th of Dey 1396 in the Iranian Solar Hijri Calendar [1] – this date will become relevant shortly), saw the start of some protests in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The reason for the protests was a rise in the price of some basic staples, and the continued economic woes experienced by the country, even after the promise of sanctions relief following the signing of the JCPOA [2] more than two years ago (at the time of writing).

Iranians rally in support of government 419b1

Now protests in any country against issues that the people are facing are amongst the most democratic of expressions, and given that the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most truly democratic, with the right to protest enshrined within its constitution – this is not surprising:

“Article 27: Public gatherings and marches are allowed so long as the participants do not carry arms and are not in violation of the fundamental principles of Islam.” [3]

This means, when the people have a legitimate grievance, they are perfectly within their rights to protest and voice their concerns – provided – they do so in a civilized manner, without violence or mindless rioting and without going against the fundamental principles of Islam. To put it simply, the people can protest when they have a grievance for example, provided they do so in a decent manner. It’s quite simple, and the norm in countries across the world.

In America, Britain and elsewhere, people have a right to protest (or at least that is what we are led to believe) – the legal position regarding freedom to protest in Britain for example [4], is far more draconian than in other countries and the extreme powers of law enforcement authorities regarding such protests are according to some “undemocratic” [5].

As for America, it is well known that when people come out to protest, there is almost always a very heavy-handed policy adopted by law enforcement [6], not to mention the restrictions on protesting that have been put in place by President Obama since the days of the Occupy Movement [7].

So, now it is understood, that most countries who profess to be democratic and abiding by civil liberties and human rights, suggest their people have the right to protest – even against the policies of the government – but in reality, the two major ones in the West – the UK and US, put massive limitations and restrictions on such protests, while Iran – which is always framed as some sort of “evil and oppressive empire” [8] – actually has this right of protest (as long as its civilized and non-violent [9]).

So, now we have that clear and understood:

“Protesting in the Islamic Republic of Iran, even if it be against policies of the government, is a right enshrined in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The only proviso is that such protests are not violent, and do not break with fundamental Islamic principles – i.e. they do not harm others, and they are kept respectful and dignified.”

Now that that is clear; let us examine the global “outcry” – especially the outcry being fermented by the propaganda mouthpieces of the US, British, Saudi and israeli regimes; not to mention the attempts to create sedition by agent provocateurs sent to Iran to ferment discord [10], as part of an ongoing soft war [11], that Iran has been subject to since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 [12].

Let us now examine, the actual reasons for the protests over the last couple of days, and the reaction of the “World” media, as well as so-called “World Leaders” – such as Trump and Co.

Firstly, the protests in Iran, are not against the system of the Islamic Republic, rather they are against acts by the government regarding the reduction of subsidies on various staples.

A result of the reduction of these subsidies is that the cost of living goes up; and while – theoretically – the JCPOA – [13] was supposed to alleviate these difficulties; however, given the lack of commitment on this historic agreement by the United States – something that had been predicted by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei; and something that any analyst who objectively examines the policies of the American regime (be it during the Trump era or Obama or anyone) especially with regard to their adherence (or lack of adherence) to their commitments within international treaties – be they the Algiers Accords or the JCPOA and so on. This is a subject I had discussed extensively – and with evidence – in an article on the website of Imam Khamenei [14].

These protests were if we examine the chain of events leading up to them, a direct result of the policies of the West vis-a-vis Iran. Had the west adhered to their side of the agreement, and lifted sanctions on Iran, then the people would have no need to protest a rise in the price of basic staples. But this is part of the game, that is being played against Iran.

Many social media avenues were utilized with a view to create and ferment any discontent at the government, the intention is to somehow create a coloured revolution and overthrow the system of the Islamic Government. Thereby, removing a major threat to US hegemony, as well as to the single biggest cause of instability in the West Asia (Middle East) region – the Zionist Entity.

The same game was attempted during the recent elections in Iran with a view to destabilizing them, and off course let’s not forget the failed project of the Green Revolution in 2009 – the death of which is commemorated on the 9th of Dey every year (which falls this year on December 30, 2017) – a day after these protests started.

The protests happened in Iran – in many cities, because the reduction in the subsidies and related economic woes affect Iranians across the entire country – but the day after these protests; the people came out – as they do every year since 2009 to commemorate the catastrophic defeat of the American, British, Saudi and israeli inspired “Green Revolution” – they came out in their millions, in every city across Iran, their chants were “Death to America”, “Death to Britain”, “Death to Saudi” and “Death to israel”.

So, the media and some of those who have sold their souls to the hegemons while still professing to speak of Human Rights used photos from the anti-American anti-israeli protests on December 30, 2017 – and suggested that the people had come out against the Islamic Government – such as the infamous “Ken Roth” (off course he’s deleted this tweet after it became clear it exposed what a complete imbecile he is – but here is a screenshot for the reader’s viewing pleasure – he’s done the same with many of his tweets regarding Syria and other areas he feels he must interfere in for his masters in Washington, Riyadh, Tel Aviv and London, but where he successfully humiliates himself and exposes what a complete and utter fool this individual is!)
Mr Roth, it’s clear you don’t know Farsi (Persian), the language spoken in Iran, nor do you have any honour or decency. Your lies regarding the situation in Syria – more specifically in Aleppo [15] are well known, and your credibility is less than non-existent. Where is your voice against the crimes of the Saudi regime in Yemen? Where is your voice against the crimes of the Zionists (your direct masters) against the people of Palestine? Nothing but the deafening sound of silent. Pathetic!

Roth Tweet ca9bd

The placards being held up by people in the image you shared read “Marg bar israel” – which in Farsi means “Death to israel” and “Marg bar Fitneh” (Death to Sedition and those who create sedition) – yeah sure, these people are “protesting against the Supreme Leader”. Mr Roth, they are protesting you and your kind Mr Roth, that is the reality. Honestly, what a complete and utter imbecile is Mr Roth!! They’re even holding up pictures of the Leader, Imam Khamenei – a group that is vehemently against him!!!

Off course the link on his tweet (that he now deleted!!) is from the most illustrious of news outlets – the New York Times and from an article titled “Iran Confronts 3rd Day of Protests, With Calls for Khamenei to Quit” [16].

Now I’m not going to go into a discussion on this article, it doesn’t warrant such, and is laced with so much garbage and propaganda, it puts even the article published by the New York Times promoting the terrorist Bin Salman to shame [17]!!

I’m not going to go into how the Iranian Authorities are dealing with the attempts at sedition, with the calls via Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and other such social media outlets – encouraging and indeed teaching people how to make IED (Improvised Explosive Devices), and Molotov Cocktails, and to create riot style situations in the many cities across Iran.

Yes, these types of calls are happening; the same was as they happened back in 2009 during the western inspired attempt at a “Green Revolution”. These outlets were then partially blocked by the government, and indeed rightly so.

They were not blocked totally, I have friends in Iran who I continued to communicate with on all the platforms, however, yes some of those groups that were fermenting strife and teaching people to make “Molotov cocktails” as well as giving detailed information on the creation of IEDs were removed and deleted – whether by Telegram or blocked by the Iranian authorities, I don’t know; what I do know is that it was a good thing that they were blocked.

We all know that in the UK, the viewing of such terrorist material is illegal with penalties having been recently hiked up [18].

The British, American, Canadian, etc governments deem certain content as being “terrorist content”, most of the time it includes incitements to violence and rioting, incitement to cause harm, bomb-making guides and other such disgusting material. So, is it so strange that the Islamic Republic of Iran is blocking such material that is attempting to actively create violence and strife within its borders? Instigated and egged on by those outside Iran and with a hegemonic agenda against Iran?

Of course, it is not strange, in fact, if they allowed such content to continue without being blocked, that would be strange. This is very simple.

The question is why one set of standards for the West and another for the Islamic Republic of Iran? This is all part of the soft war against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolution and Resistance Bloc.

I’m not going to go into how the Iranian authorities, the police and other law enforcement agencies in Iran are dealing with people attempting to riot and create sedition and violence; because as I have mentioned before, the constitution is very clear:

“Article 27: Public gatherings and marches are allowed so long as the participants do not carry arms and are not in violation of the fundamental principles of Islam.” [19]

Also, it is not my place to tell Iran or the Iranians how to deal with subversives and agent provocateurs, who have nothing but contempt for the people of the Islamic Republic and are working tirelessly attempting to overthrow this government. A feat that they will never be able to accomplish, God willing.

They will not be able to accomplish the dismantling of the Islamic Republic for a very important reason; the Islamic Republic was the will of the people.

It was not imposed by a single person or a single party; people need to learn some history; the Islamic Revolution in Iran was victorious because of the will of the people.

Do people sometimes disagree on details, of course, they do, even within a family there are disagreements; that doesn’t mean that the family should be dismantled. Rather, it means that the family is healthy; that members within the family can speak out and voice their opinions; if their opinions are valid and proven, then they can be enacted or resolved as required; if not, their argument is quashed, and everyone is still all happy – as they did this via discussion and in a civilized manner, with everyone’s rights being respected.

So now, let’s ask a very important question. Mr Trump apparently is “watching” the protests in Iran. He attempts to sound menacing and speaks of “human rights violations”:

Trump Tweet 0e229

Mr Trump seems to care so much about Human Rights, yet he fails to look at the plethora of human rights abuses perpetrated by his allies – his masters even – the regime occupying Jerusalem, the European Zionists, the regime occupying the Arabian Peninsula, the Arab Zionists or even himself!!

I don’t see a single tweet from the “Donald”, where he condemns the atrocities committed by the regimes occupying Jerusalem against the people of occupied Palestine, where paraplegics are massacred for speaking against a policy of apartheid and occupation [20], and young girls are arrested and threatened with horrific abuse for merely protesting the shooting of their family [21].

I see no message from the Donald Trump, the most corrupt (as well as most stupid, immoral and ignorant) president in American History (putting even Nixon and Reagan to shame, but let’s not go there) condemning the Zionists occupying Jerusalem, not at all – I just see him praising Zionism and War Criminals [22], and even threatening the world for standing against the American policy on Jerusalem [23], regardless of how oppressive and unjust it is.

I don’t see a single solitary tweet in Donald Trump’s timeline regarding the Saudi atrocities in Yemen [24], the war crimes and genocide that is being perpetrated by Mr Trump’s buddy, Bin Salman. Though according to Trump, Salman and Bin Salman “know what they are doing” (i.e. they know they are committing genocide and war crimes perhaps?!) [25].

Well Mr Trump, here’s some news for you – the rightfully elected government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (which has significantly more legitimacy than you, and infinitely more than your buddies Bin Salman and Demented Salman); the government and law enforcement authorities in Iran know what they are doing. They are keeping the peace, they are preventing rioting and crimes to be committed. Crimes that you are supporting, crimes that you are funding, crimes that you and your allies are fully complicit in.

Lets also not forget the crimes in Bahrain being committed by the Al Khalifa, and the crimes of Bin Salman in Awamiyyah and in the Eastern provinces of Occupied Arabia – but I won’t go into them here in detail for the sake of brevity, but much has been written about them [26].

Yet I see a plethora of tweets, moaning about the JCPOA, inciting against Iran, with the same old diatribe being spewed as has been spewed historically by the Zionists, the Saudis (Arab Zionists) and their ilk.

So, yes, there have been protests in Iran, against the removal of subsidies and other economic woes – primarily because the continuation of sanctions and the prohibition of Iran from freely trading with the international world community. There may have been some mismanagement, that’s an internal Iranian issue, that can, and should, be resolved by the Iranians; and none outside has any right to impose or attempt to incite anything in this regard.

The Iranian people voted in one of the most universally fair and valid elections [27] in mid-2017. The result was that President Rouhani prevailed and serves another term as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

President Rouhani received just over 23.6 million votes, out of a total of 41.4 million votes – that is nearly 58% of the people.

The elections happened within the framework of the Islamic Republic system. The vote of the people wasn’t for the dismantling of the Islamic Government, rather it was a move to further give support – universal support from the people of Iran – for the system of Islamic Government. This is important.

Finally, as I conclude, yes, I appreciate there is much more than can be discussed on this subject; but I don’t want to turn this document into “war and peace”; rather; with the few points that have been raised and covered herein, I ask the reader, to reflect a little.

Is Iran utopia, of course it’s not, such a place doesn’t exist in this temporal realm currently. It is, however, a fair and just government, voted in by the people and governing for the people. Yes, it’s legislation is based on Islamic Law, and that is their choice as a people, and in fact, anyone who has been to Iran, will testify to its peaceful and calm environment, and its hospitable and friendly people.

Iran has not in the modern age gone to war with anyone, but has defended itself and its allies vigorously and has prevailed – both in the Eight Year Imposed War (The Sacred Defence [28]), as well as more recently in the campaigns against the US, UK, Saudi and Zionist manufactured DAESH Terrorist outfit; helping both Syria and Iraq to make resistance against and ultimately defeat this organisation. An organisation that is now well known to have been supported and given assistance [29] by the same entities that seek to sow the seeds of sedition in Iran – US, UK, Saudi and israel and their slaves (I mean allies).

The morphing of these so-called “anti-Government” [30] protests into a re-run of the so-called failed “Green Revolution” isn’t going to happen for the simple reason, that the people, for the most part, support the underlying establishment of the Islamic Government. They may have problems with the President and certain ministers – that’s normal – ask any American whether they have a problem with their President and his policies.

It is indeed the pipe-dream, some might say “wet dream”, of the Zionist bloc; that in the space of a few months, they have their lackey Trump, sell them huge sophisticated arms [31], give them Jerusalem [32], and top it off, by removing the legitimate government of Iran, a government supported by the people of Iran [33]. As an Iranian friend of mine would say “Khosh khiyali!!” (Keep dreaming!) [34].

The behaviour of the Zionist bloc, goes further to show to every human, every free person on this world, how upside down the media portrays things, and to be honest, I’ve found that if the NYT, CNN, Fox, BBC and their ilk say something, the reality is almost diametrically opposed to what is being spewed by such outlets.

The free person must look at the reality and beyond the propaganda; realise who benefits.

If there is civil strife and riots in Iran; who benefits?

Is it the Iranians? No.

Is it the government of Iran? No.

Is it European Zionism? Yes, because their arch-enemy is pre-occupied.

Is it Arab Zionism? Yes, because again their arch-enemy is pre-occupied.

Is it America and the “West”? Off course, since like the Zionism that controls their every breath, the regimes in the West – be they in France, Britain or America and so on – are all working tirelessly to overthrow the legitimate choice of the people of Iran, the Islamic Establishment, the Islamic Government.

The reason? The Resistance Bloc, led by the Islamic Republic of Iran stands against their Zionist masters based out of Occupied Jerusalem. The Resistance Bloc has broken the back of their games in Syria and Iraq, and has been amongst the strongest voices against the terror being unleashed by Zionism in Occupied Palestine; and let’s not forget, that the Islamic Republic of Iran is essentially the only voice in support of the oppressed people of Yemen, who are pummelled daily by British and American weapons by the Arab Zionists who occupy Arabia.

When examined objectively, this is actually very simple and indeed remarkably obvious.

Much more can be written, and the crimes of those working to cause problems in Iran can be exposed further, but for now, I will call it a day.

Suffice it to say, the Islamic Republic of Iran is strong, will prevail; because the will of the people of Iran supports it; and no matter what America or israel or Saudi or others do, their strategy of overthrowing the Islamic Government in Iran, has and will always fail.

And from God alone is all ability, and He is the ultimate recourse in all matters, and the best of judges.


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