We Struck America’s Prestige & Crushed Its Arrogance |

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The aftermath of the terrorist attack by America to assassinate General Qasem Soleimani called for a severe revenge. The people of the region, especially the Iranian nation demanded a response against the bullying America. The Islamic Republic of Iran stood up to the arrogant bully and launched a missile attack on the American military bases in Iraq. This public display of power crushed America’s arrogance and fake grandeur. How many countries do you know have the courage to attack an American military base today? Where does Islamic Iran get this amazing strength from? America must know that those days of hit-and-run are gone. This response is the beginning of the #Severe_Revenge that America should await now. In addition to the dead rats i.e. dead American soldiers, destroyed infrastructure and military equipment housed at these expensive military bases, what did these missile strikes accomplish?

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