Let Me Relate to You, O’ my Sister Zaynab |

Latmiyya | Farsi Sub English

“You are the caravan’s leader
after me; [O’] my sister!”

“You are the daughter of
Haydar Karrar; [O’] my sister!”

“Sit, so that I can relate
to you; [O’] Zaynab (A)!”

“So that I can tell you the sorrow
of heart; [O’] Zaynab (A)!”

This and more in this soulful Latmiyya by Muhammad Hussain Poyanfar, in ode to the relationship between Imam Husayn (A) and lady Zaynab (A).

Our condolences to the believers upon the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Husayn (A), his family members, and his companions.

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