Islamic Iran, Nuclear Energy & The West |

Imam Khamenei | Farsi Sub English

The Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy enrichment program has been a subject of debate for some decades now.

Yet, despite the consistent and publicly announced Islamic Republic’s stance of considering nuclear weapons and any other weapons of mass destruction to be

religiously prohibited and sinful in Islam, the western world and their poor puppets keep bringing up nuclear weapons.

Why is it so? What does the west want? Can it be that the real purpose of the west is to deprive the Islamic Republic of Iran of their unalienable right to nuclear

energy? If so, why?

The western world is planning ahead and their sinister game’s much deeper than you can imagine.

But don’t worry about them, because Imam Sayyid Ali is at the helm.

#NuclearIran #NuclearEnergy #Dependency

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